Aloe Express Solutions Gallery

Here are a few solutions that have been created using Xojo and Aloe Express.

Virginia Council for Private Education

VCPE oversees accreditation of private preschool, elementary and secondary schools in Virginia.

In the summer of 2017, VCPE's Web site was redesigned to be responsive and provide fast, easy access to school information that is stored in a hosted FileMaker database. Visitors can now use the site to locate schools that meet their criteria, and search results are presented as both a map (using the Google Maps API) as well as a table. In addition, authorized school administrators can log into the site to access additional resources. The site's content is managed using a lightweight, Xojo-based CMS.

Web design by Kelly Dietrich.

Web development by Tim Dietrich.

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Xanadu + Aloe for Xojo

Xanadu + Aloe for Xojo makes developing database driven Web Apps easy for software developers. FileMaker developers with coding experience will enjoy fast affordable app development again too!

Xojo Web Apps run and are hosted on Mac, Windows, Linux, or even Raspberry Pi computers. People access the Web App use their browser on just about any device.

Xanadu makes Web App development fast and fun again with Xanadu and Aloe's simple structure powered by Aloe and open standards along with Xojo's amazing language.

Developer: Hal Gumbert / CampSoftware

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Virtual Xojo Users Group

VXUG is a group of Xojo developers and enthusiasts that meets online to discuss the latest Xojo-related news, give and watch presentations, etc. The group's goal is to provide an alternative way for members of the Xojo community to get together, share development techniques, and get to know one another.

The VXUG Web site was the first public site to use Aloe. While it's a very basic site, it serves as a great example of Aloe's speed and reliability.

Web design and development by Tim Dietrich.

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