Aloe Express FAQ

What is Aloe Express?

Aloe Express is a simple yet powerful Web server module that can be used in Xojo console and Web projects. It provides a foundation on which you can develop a number of different types of solutions, including Web apps, Web sites sites, Web APIs, and microservices.

Do long running requests block other requests?

Yes, and no.

Aloe Express processes each request in its own thread. So in theory, long running requests do not block other requests.

However, Xojo uses cooperative/non-preemptive threading. As a result, it is still possible for Aloe Express apps to block on I/O operations. While Aloe Express's threading model does not prevent blocking, it does help to reduce its frequency and severity.

Are SSL connections supported?

Not yet - but this is something that I'm working on. I recommend running your apps behind something that acts as a proxy server, and that can handle SSL termination (such as nginx, HAProxy, etc).

Are sessions supported?

Yes. Aloe Express's SessionEngine class can be used to maintain state between requests.

Are WebSockets supported?

No, not yet. But this is also something that I'm working on.

What happened to the original "Aloe?"

The original Aloe module (which was designed for use with Xojo Web projects) can still be downloaded here.

Who developed Aloe Express?

Aloe Express was developed by Tim Dietrich.