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Archived versions of the Xojo-based Aloe solutions can be downloaded using the links below.

Aloe Express on Github
A continuation of support for Aloe Express, maintained by Jonathan Eisen.
Version Release Date Notes Download
4.1.1 2019-05-07 Resolves issues encountered when processing multi-part forms.
4.1.0 2019-03-23 Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements, including improved multi-threading support.
4.0.1 2018-05-21 Minor bug fixes, and adds support for Protocol and Protocol Version properties to the Request class.
4.0.0 2018-05-21 Adds support for WebSockets, improves session management and caching, and more.
3.2.0 2018-05-11 Adds support for XojoScript and additional Server params, and fixes minor bugs.
3.1.0 2018-05-07 Reduces the memory needed to process multipart forms, and frees up memory as quickly as possible. Connections involving multipart forms are now closed after processing.
3.0.0 2018-05-06 Adds support for persistent connections ("Keep-Alives"), multipart forms, large entity bodies, and ETags.
2.0.0 2018-04-23 Adds support for SSL connections. The module can now be used in Xojo desktop apps. Also includes improvements to "sweep" methods in both the SessionEngine and CacheEngine classes, and several new data conversion helper methods.
1.2.0 2018-04-03 Adds support for a Template class, which is a mustache-like, logic-less templating system.
1.1.0 2018-02-05 Adds support for a HelperApp class, which makes it easy to assign tasks to separate processes ("helper apps"). Adds support for a ServerThread class, so that apps can listen on multiple ports.
1.0.0 2018-01-23 Initial production release.

The Airtable module provides easy access to databases created with the popular cloud-based database service of the same name. The module provides you with classes that can be used to retrieve, create, update, and delete records in Airtable bases. To learn more about Airtable, visit:

Version Release Date Notes Download
1.0.0 2018-04-23 Initial production release.

Key-Value Store

The Key-Value Store module provides developers with an extremely fast in-memory key-value API. It's ideal for caching, managing sessions, and rapid development. With this module, you can quickly and easily generate a RESTful API based on a JSON file, save the KVS to disk, and more.

Version Release Date Notes Download
1.0.0 2018-04-23 Initial production release.

Luna Express

Luna Express is a redesigned version of the original Luna API framework that has been specifically designed for use with Aloe Express. It accelerates the creation of RESTful APIs for SQL databases by simplifying the development of endpoints for CRUD operations. Luna Express supports several popular database types, including MySQL, SQLite, Amazon Aurora, and more.

Version Release Date Notes Download
1.0.0 2018-04-23 Initial production release.


With the XFM module, you can easily integrate your apps with hosted FileMaker databases. This new version of XFM includes support for containers, and is now fully unlocked.

Version Release Date Notes Download
2.1.0 2018-05-16 Fixes a few minor bugs.
2.0.0 2018-04-23 Completely refactored. Demo app now uses Aloe Express 2.0.
1.0.0 2017-11-18 Initial production release.

Version Notes Download
20171218.0 Includes SessionEngine 20171215.0, with a modified SessionGet method that allows you to get a session without assigning a new Session ID. It's helpful when making calls to authenticate AJAX requests.
20171026.0 Includes SessionEngine, CookieEngine, and MetaRedirect classes, as well as an additional demo app that uses these new classes.
20170928.1 Initial public release.
Notes Download
XDC 2018 Presentation: Introducing Aloe
The Keynote and Aloe demo projects that were used for the "Introducing Aloe" presentation at the 2018 Xojo Developer Conference.

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